Cê ao Cubo - Composting Centre

From EPSA - European Public Sector Award


Solid waste production is a major environmental and social concern. Over the past few years, the rapid growth in tourism contributed to raising quantities of waste produced in the city of Lisbon, placing much strain on the Municipality’s ability to effectively manage waste.

In line with the EU’s Waste Policy, specifically the Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC) and the Landfill Directive (1999/31/EC), the Campolide Local Authority has developed an alternative local solution to manage organic solid waste – Cê ao Cubo, a project aimed at improving the overall health and environmental quality of Campolide – one of Lisbon’s districts – by establishing a compost centre and promoting sustainable organic waste management through the production of compost.

Composting is an economic and sustainable process that offers many benefits to the environment, including reducing the amount of organic waste landfilled, reducing the amount of greenhouse gas (methane) emissions and improve soil quality.

Ensued in 2017, Cê ao Cubo acts on two main dimensions: 1) implementing a scheme of organic waste collection, and production and distribution of compost; 2) raising community awareness and knowledge about sustainable household organic waste management and composting.

To this end, the project has created a composting facility for the purpose of producing compost from green waste resulting from the daily maintenance work of public gardens carried out by the Campolide Local Authority. A collection scheme was also set up, with collections points being set up throughout Campolide, allowing for the collection of household organic waste. The compost generated is used for the fertilization of the district’s parks and urban vegetable gardens.

In addition to creating the conditions to produce the compost, the project also carries out training sessions aimed at different publics (local organizations, residents, urban farmers, and the local authority’s employees), as well as, pedagogical activities designed for schools. The objective of these sessions is to mitigate knowledge gaps and encourage citizen engagement by offering the necessary information, tools and opportunities to change the patterns of behaviour regarding household organic waste management by increasing selection.

The Campolide Local Authority is committed to driving local sustainable development, and shifting towards a circular model of economy. Cê ao Cubo is the first composting centre run by a local public administration in Lisbon. The project offers a resource efficient, effective solution to deal with the problem of green and household solid organic waste management and landfilling.

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