Contactpunt Vlaamse Infolijn: integrated public information service for all

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Short description of the project

Contactpunt Vlaamse Infolijn (CVI) is the central point of contact of the Flemish government for all citizens with questions about government policies, regulations and non-emergency services. Information about the Belgian and European governments is also available to guide citizens through the labyrinth of government authorities in a federal country like Belgium. CVI functions as a bridge between citizens and the different government administrations.

Current status and future steps for the project

Over a million citizen contacts were registered in 2006 over the different channels:

  • Telephone: 4-digit, free number “1700”
  • Portal site:
  • E-mail: mail form at
  • Chat: via the portal site
  • Teletolk: chat application for the hearing impaired
  • IDTV: limited information on digital TV
  • Teletext: limited information available on regional TV-channels
  • Fax and letter
  • 1700 Mobile: promotional bus offering public information
  • SMS: pilot project, under development for operational use

The five-year-plan (2007-2011) is to continue to integrate more services via the different channels of Contactpunt Vlaamse Infolijn, so that people only have to remember one number for all their questions concerning the government. Special attention will go to:

  • Improving the accessibility for vulnerable groups within the (information) society
  • Servicing more and more administrations, also from outside the Flemish government.
  • The switch from providing information to providing mutual citizen-centric services.

Lessons learned

  1. Cooperation with all departments and levels of the (Flemish) government is crucial. CVI cannot work on its own to achieve its goals. Extension to other levels of government is the challenge of tomorrow.
  2. The added value is not the information itself, but the cross-over, integrated approach to that information, encompassing all public domains.
  3. Providing the same service over different channels help to reach all target groups.
Contactpunt Vlaamse Infolijn: integrated public information service for all (50.856636° N, 4.354079° E)
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