Creating value through shared services

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Jobpunt Vlaanderen is a cooperative company with limited liability and offers HR services to its members/clients, all Flemish public administrations. It is a unique shared services centre, creating value for its clients by bringing them together and putting them in touch with suppliers in the private market, thus creating economies of scale. Clients can develop their own HR policies, while gaining efficiency and maintaining a high quality. The resulting gains can be summarised as follows: Cutting costs by not having to launch tenders; through Jobpunt Vlaanderen (JPV), public administrations can rely on the best service providers in the market. JPV itself follows public procurement procedures to contract private suppliers; The best suppliers on the market at the best rates: private suppliers must apply their most advantageous rates in favour of their clients; A focus on core business: by partnering with JPV, its clients can focus on their core business. JPV follows up on their HR projects and makes sure that the highest quality standards are applied; A quick shift in priorities: the clients of JPV can easily adjust their focus to those HR tasks that are required by the specific situation; Knowledge sharing: JPV creates opportunities for knowledge sharing between its clients and between the private and public sector.

Three examples of value creation for customers:

  1. Datapunt This system allowed the following efficiency gains: Efficient communication, simplified by the use of templates and/or automatic triggers; Knowledge sharing: employees can access all information regardless of where they are working; Process optimisation: the implementation of Datapunt required the definition and optimisation of all processes within JPV; Importing and sharing information: its possible to exchange and manage information in a bidirectional way; Data management and reporting: through dashboards and reports, the quality of data can easily be verified. High-level management and operational reports are automatically retrieved from the system.
  2. The new website of Jobpunt Vlaanderen. The integration between Datapunt and their website enables clients to share best practices, get updates on new regulations, etc. They can easily provide all necessary information for the announcement of their vacancies, which results in reduced costs. Clients are informed about the status of their HR projects by means of automatic mailings and a general overview on the website. Links will be created with other job boards, resulting in a unique channel for job postings, whilst requiring minimal manual data input. Candidates on the labour market can follow up on new vacancies by creating and managing their personal profile, which is accessible to JPV employees. Further analysis of the acquired data enables custom-made action towards candidates, based on the needs of the clients of JPV.
  3. Avoiding unnecessary re-testing of candidates. JPV noticed that candidates often apply for similar vacancies with different public organisations within a short period of time. Thus, they envisage creating the possibility to reuse information retrieved from previous selection procedures in the context of a new procedure. This creates significant efficiency gains, both for candidates and for the clients of JPV.
Award info
Award category: smart public service delivery
Award type: submission
Award year: 2011
Project type
Sector: Employment, labour related affairs and gender equality
Type of activity:
Keywords: Shared services, collaboration/data management system, mutual reinforcement, avoiding unnecessary re-testing of candidates
Short English description: It is a unique shared services centre, creating value for its clients by bringing them together and putting them in touch with suppliers in the private market, thus creating economies of scale.
Further information
Organisation: Jobpunt Vlaanderen
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Level of government: regional level
Size of organisation: 25-50
Number of people involved: 1-5
Country: Belgium
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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