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In 2010, the city launched the challenge of Roman ‘Eco School Patrol’, a local project with a real potential for regional expansion. All educational institutions have freely expressed their desire to join, providing volunteer members who have created the ‘Eco School Patrol’ (180 pupils + 18 coordinators = 198 eco-volunteers). The students and coordinators have been supplied with waistcoats, from the City Hall, for the specific activities they have undertaken: Sanitation of delineated areas: removal of packaging and other types of existing waste on sidewalks, roads, and green spaces; Educating people who are on bad terms with the law.

Throughout 2010, the eco-volunteers were included in many educational activities: ‘World Environment Day’, ‘European Mobility Week’, ‘Let’s Do It Romania!’. For the first year of implementation they organised a solid team of eco-volunteers who would become further trainers for eco-attitudes. The ecological events calendar of 2010, carried out by volunteers: Forest Month, planting seedlings in two locations, approx. 1,500 seedling plants; Earth Day, removing waste around educational institutions; World Environment Day, cleaning the city; European Mobility Week, educational activities, outdoor games, sporting events and figures made of balloons; World Cleaning Day, cleaning of access roads to the institutions and to homes; Let’s Do It Romania!, sanitation campaign in the outskirts of the city, where they gathered around 400 bags of packaging and municipal waste. The municipality accepted new eco-volunteers and their number is expected to reach around 250 for the year of 2011; these are pupils who have not yet reached the age of maturity, they are the target group of the project, along with other pupils, teachers and parents.

In 2011, the Municipality will implement within high schools (for the first year, then in 2012 will extend to all schools and in the third year – 2013 – will extend to the Homeowners Associations) a system of compressing packaging waste of the PET-type, by making a mechanical press in two technical colleges (Petru Poni and Miron Costin colleges), who have classes in mechanical engineering. The press model (pattern) is done by a professional engineer teacher. The team will make 10 presses in the first year of implementation (2011), 20 presses in the second year of implementation (2012) and 70 presses in the third year (2013). The presses will be manufactured by the technical colleges’ own resources (metals 100% recovered from the mechanical workshops) and with financial support from Roman City Hall (which will bring the necessary additional materials). The college pupils will make the presses. They will work during the practical classes and, under the guidance of specialist teachers, will make this innovative system of reducing the volume of PET packaging waste, which uses only the physical force of man (with a lever system) and not conventional natural resources (electricity, etc.). On the internet there are no offers for the targeted segment. Only high-capacity presses are identified online, they use electricity and the prices are inaccessible to a local government, especially in the current period.

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Award category: going green
Award type: submission
Award year: 2011
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Sector: Public administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reform
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Keywords: Eco attitude, eco-education, mechanical press
Short English description: In 2010, the city launched the challenge of Roman ‘Eco School Patrol’, a local project with a real potential for regional expansion.
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Organisation: Roman City Hall
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Level of government: local level
Size of organisation: >100
Number of people involved: >15
Country: Romania
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