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In connection with the modernisation of the administration, it can be seen that computer technology and the internet play an important role in certain processes in an increasing number of offices. However, most clients prefer the old way of dealing with administrative cases in person, without using the advantages the internet may provide. How e-Administration will develop and how successful it becomes depends primarily on internal processes that can be adapted.

Consequently, a proper professional methodological background is available to the municipalities for the preparation of the strategy for introducing e-Administration, and besides the central professional and financial help (tenders), the regional cooperation of municipalities is important in order to implement and maintain the new attitude and new systems. The objective of this more comprehensive effort is to make the operation of the institutions of administration client-oriented, efficient and democratic. As a result of the developments concentrating on the ICT-based renewal everybody can access the services of e-Administration of his or her choice. This contributes considerably to minimisation of the effects of the digital gap caused by the use of information technology resources and to a parallel reduction of the gap created by participating in the resultant democratic processes. The goal of creating the e-Administration is to implement the tasks derived from the factors outlined above. The quality of the services improves because administrative matters that once required a personal visit to the office can be solved from home or a public access point using a single-window system where wide access to data is provided. In this way, the processes of administration become available for scheduling, planning and controlling by the users. Effectiveness improves because all information is available for decision making. Paperless internal administration and contact with the client by electronic means enables the required information to be obtained in a simpler way, using fewer steps and saving costs.The results achieved are the following:

  • Development of internal network;
  • Renewal of IT applications;
  • Quicker and more effective connection with the clients and the local


  • Broadening of local democracy;
  • Cutting costs of office work;
  • Spreading information in a very effective way;
  • Cutting down the amount of paper documentation;
  • And speeding up office work.
Award info
Award category: partnership working
Award type: submission
Award year: 2009
Project type
Sector: Public administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reform
Type of activity: new services or new technologies
Keywords: e-Administration, info culture, regional coorperation
Short English description: As a result of the developments concentrating on the ICT-based renewal everybody can access the services of e-Administration of his or her choice
Further information
Organisation: Somogy County Government
Other applicants:
Level of government: local level
Size of organisation: 50-100
Number of people involved:
Country: Hungary
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
Start date:
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