ITIC - IT Infrastructure consolidation

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This project stems from the IT Governance Communication (SEC(2004) 1267) of the European Commission. Its aim is to achieve efficiency gains and service improvements through the introduction of a new corporate IT service. In March 2007, the IT Department of the EC (DIGIT) launched the ITIC Pilot with the voluntary participation of three other Directorates- General. Later in 2008 another two DGs joined in. The pilot brought about several tangible benefits.

  • It enabled the enrolled DGs to fully comply with the binding requirements in terms of Business Continuity Planning.
  • Several Pilot DGs emphasised that the enrolment to ‘ITIC’ was for them an opportunity to focus on their core business (no longer need to worry about IT infrastructure and support).
  • There were clear benefits in terms of quality of service, by associating a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to the Memorandum of Understanding signed with each customer DG. The quality of the service is monitored through clearly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are measured and reported on a monthly basis to the enrolled DGs. Moreover, an important added value of the project is the homogeneity in Quality of Service, irrespective of the DG, while retaining sufficient flexibility for dealing with ad-hoc requests.
  • The pilot demonstrated that a consolidated infrastructure and support service can be provided with a reduced number of IT staff, while preserving close proximity to the end users.
  • Last but not least, it enabled infrastructural cost savings. The Pilot completed in April 2009.

After the successful completion of the pilot project, ‘ITIC’ was officially set as a new Service in production. The ITIC Service is formally defined by the ITIC Service Catalogue that includes the complete range of workstation management and office automation services: first level support service with proximity (for requests for service which require on-site intervention); workstation and peripherals provisioning and administration; user account management; file, print and scan services; terminal services to support remote access and teleworking; and communication services. The ITIC Service Level Agreement (SLA) sets out the service levels and associated metrics – the KPIs. The ITIC Service is compliant with best practices from the industry in IT Service Management (known as ITIL = IT Infrastructure Library). At the time of writing this report, the Service is being used by 12 DGs, representing over 9500 users. From an efficiency perspective, the ITIC Service is currently being delivered with a ratio of IT support staff members per 1000 users supported, down by 30% from the initial ratio before ‘ITIC’. This Service is now fully operational and is scalable. Furthermore, it provides to the EC further economies of scale. Maintaining the current Service Levels, the ITIC Service can provide further optimisation of resources used. By enrolling further DGs, recent projections show that the ITIC Service should in another 2 to 3 years be able to achieve an improvement in the ratio of IT support staff per 1000 users of up to 50% in efficiency with respect to the starting point in 2006. This service has the potential to liberate an impressive number of Full-Time Equivalents. ITIC – IT Infrastructure Consolidation Submitted by European Commission – DG DIGIT A – Corporate IT Solutions and Services EPSA2011127

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Award category: smart public service delivery
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Keywords: ITIC (IT Infrastructure Consolidation), European Commission, DG DIGIT
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Organisation: European Commission DG DIGIT A
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