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Created in 2005 as a public company, Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency (ARAW) became a joint-stock with the Wroclaw municipality having the majority of stakes. It was supposed to take over the tasks that had been carried out within the duties in the Office of the Mayor of Wroclaw and the Foreign Investment Support Unit. The Agency is actively committed to promoting development, economic growth and entrepreneurship. These aims represent the crucial framework within which results are meant to be measured and their scope enlarged. After three years of activity, the city of Wroclaw gained great visibility, prestige and credibility as a business-friendly city. Thanks to ARAW’s achievements, the agglomeration has been earning a reputation of a dynamic knowledge-driven business centre, with its highly regarded universities and research centres fostering new ideas and innovation. This, in turn contributes to the local market’s economic revival and the creation of new workplaces, which is assumed to be the indication of the Agency’s success.

Many positive changes have been brought into force, reflected in foreign direct investments attracted to the region, which serve as an exceptional example of the successful strategy that has been implemented in such a short time. For strategic investors, ARAW serves as a one-stop-shop providing high standard investment support and help needed to do business in the region. It organises visits, economic missions, conferences and workshops, where information plays a leading role in determining the company expansion policy. It also arranges meetings and facilitates open communication with the public authorities, the representatives of the local government, and higher education institutions.

Partnership working made it possible to open up to new horizons benefiting not only foreign companies but also home-grown ones. Knowledge and innovation became a much more tangible part of Wroclaw’s economic environment, strengthening competitiveness and other strategic assets. The result of these efforts show, that for recent international investments the city of Wroclaw proved to be the ideal place for their settlement. Thanks to the broad spectrum of its activity, ARAW boasts the creation of a unique business culture which favours the creation of new knowhow, the development of cutting-edge technologies and the diffusion of knowledge. Together with other private and public institutions, ARAW is a true driver for change helping actors to play on a healthy arena and inspiring them with confidence, good practices and an accurate knowledge of the market conditions. The latter is reinforced by ARAW conducting staff training in the fields of project and risk management, negotiation and problem solution.

With these premises in mind, ARAW believes it will be able to meet the new challenges and prepare Wroclaw for further internationalisation.

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Award category: partnership working
Award type: diploma
Award year: 2009
Project type
Sector: Economic affairs, competition, SME
Type of activity:
Keywords: Competitiveness, technology investments, reliability, support
Short English description: For strategic investors, ARAW serves as a one-stop-shop providing high standard investment support and help needed to do business in the region
Further information
Organisation: ARAW - Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency
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Level of government: regional level
Size of organisation: 1-25
Number of people involved:
Country: Poland
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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