Manifesto about safe - sustainable and autonomous - mobility during 'Home-School' routes

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The ‘Manifesto about safe – sustainable and autonomous – mobility during ‘home-school’ routes’ is a tool to involve all city schools in the topic of mobility. Organisations and people that signed the manifesto include: Town districts, Provincial School Office, School Directors, Road Safety Monitoring Office, Mobility Agency of Reggio Emilia, FIAB (Italian Federation of Urban Cyclists and Bicycle Tourism), FIMP (Italian Pediatrist Doctors Federation), ARPA (Agenzia regionale per l’ambiente – Regional agency for environment), AUSL (Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale – the local health authority).

The Manifesto consists of eight projects:

  1. The Bicibus/Pedibus project: Bicibus/Pedibus is a group of pupils who make the journey to and from school by bike, escorted by parents and volunteers (grandparents, teachers, etc.). The Bicibus group covers only pre-established routes, made safe and easily visible both for children and drivers by signs on the pavement. Just like real buses, Bicibus/Pedibus routes have a terminus and middle stops, appropriately indicated by signs showing arrival and departure times. Pupils go to the terminus point or to the nearest stop, wait for the group and upon its arrival go on together to school and then back home.
  2. Safe home-school routes: The Municipality of Reggio Emilia is working to promote a three-year plan and an annual programme of public works, such as: paths, crossings, squares, parks, etc, where children can move safely.
  3. School bus and car pooling: An alternative possibility to transporting children to school by car is to use mass means of transport, i.e., public transportation, in the strict sense of the word, school bus or car-pooling.
  4. Communication campaign about the importance of correct lifestyles beginning from childhood: This programme aims to make known the importance of some simple healthy habits, through a campaign to inform the public on the importance of healthy lifestyles. This programme has been created in cooperation with Federazione Italiana Medici Pediatri (the Italian Pediatricians’ Federation) of Reggio Emilia.
  5. Sharing the rules to move safely: In order to combat improper behaviour and provide children with good examples, they developed an informative campaign whose title is ‘Sharing rules to move safely’. Using the children’s drawings and sentences, this campaign aims to remind adults of correct driving behaviour, especially in front of schools.
  6. Sustainable mobility education: If we want going to school on foot or by bike with a friend to be an ordinary experience, we have to pay great attention to information activities, such as meeting with experts, parents and teachers and also class workshops for students.
  7. ‘Gathering green miles’ project: This project involves all primary schools in the city. It consists of an imaginary game-journey to Kyoto and back in order to educate children and their families on sustainable mobility in home-to-school trips and on energy and water-saving issues, separate waste collection and eco-products.
  8. The school mobility manager: Each activity and action, about sustainable and safe mobility in ‘home-to-school’ trips, will become fully operational if there is strict and continuous engagement between schools, families and the Municipality.
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Award category: going green
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Award year: 2011
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Keywords: Sustainable mobility, education to sustainable development, health
Short English description: The ‘Manifesto about safe – sustainable and autonomous – mobility during ‘home-school’ routes’ is a tool to involve all city schools in the topic of mobility.
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Organisation: Municipality of Reggio Emilia
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