Ministry of defence of cyprus strategic environmental plan

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As a major employer, land user and consumer of natural resources, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) acknowledges its environmental and social responsibilities as well as the importance of having a solid environmental policy, which underlines its ability to achieve high standards of environmental performance. For the effective implementation of its Environmental Policy, the MOD established an Environmental Management System (EMS) to manage, monitor and control all processes.

In December 2005, the Secretary of the MOD created the Environmental Committee, which in June 2006 published the Defence Environmental Policy that is promoted through six strategic policy objectives, including: Adopt and implement innovative best practice approaches that fulfill and promote MOD and stakeholder requirements; Integrate MOD activities, business processes and decisions into a sustainable environmental management system, including resource efficiency and pollution prevention; Establish clear lines of accountability for environmental outcomes; Raise the environmental awareness of Defence personnel through education, training and ready access to information; Measure and report environmental performance as part of a process of continual improvement; Maintain transparency in decision-making and establish strategic partnerships with key environmental stakeholders.

The EMS details accountabilities for environmental and safety management initiatives. The MODs Environmental Action Plan describes environmental and safety policies around sustainability issues. It includes:

  • Monitor and manage the environmental accountabilities of MOD activities through the application and implementation of an EMAS verified Environmental Management System. On a pilot basis, one military camp has been chosen to implement the EMS that was verified at the end of May 2011.
  • Integration of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) into the built environment, including development of new facilities and refurbishment of older properties by establishing specific ESD principles and guidelines. All new facilities at military camps (administration buildings

and dormitories) are designed based on the principles of ‘Green Buildings’.

  • Environmentally sound management and disposal of waste is applied through waste recycling programmes in collaboration with ‘Green Dot’ Cyprus, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management programmes.
  • Programmes and initiatives for the cultural heritage protection (closure of an old church and rehabilitation of an old building to be used as a camp).
  • Dissemination activities to promote environmental management among the MOD staff (military and civil); 20 seminars are planned for the period 2011-2012 in order to present the basic principles of water conservation to approx. 8000 participants.
  • Programmes and initiatives for natural heritage protection (reforestation programmes, in which approx. 1000 trees are planted every year, and participation in forest fire management actions, both in cooperation with the Forestry Department);
  • Integration of the principles of environmental purchasing more widely into MOD procurement activities, in line with the relevant Government Green Procurement Policy.
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Short English description: For the effective implementation of its Environmental Policy, the MOD established an Environmental Management System (EMS) to manage, monitor and control all processes.
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