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‘Plonsk’ is a town located 67 km from Warsaw, connected by a two-lane motorway. Traveling from ‘Plonsk’ to the capital takes about 45 minutes. The town covers an area of 12 square kilometres and has 23 thousand inhabitants. In demographic terms – ‘Plonsk’ is one of the ‘youngest’ towns in northern Mazovia.

For the sake of environmental protection the local authorities have for years enacted an effective environmental policy. The most important investment in ensuring sound management of water services was the building of a sewage system to service 108 streets. Currently, ecologically speaking, the most important task is the modernisation of the water treatment plant, and the replacement of old water pipes in the southwest part of ‘Plonsk’ by 2012, which are made of an asbestoscement mixture. Modern technology will improve the quality of water and meet the existing conditions of the European Union. Additionally, the fully automated water supply station will be energy efficient.

An innovative pro-ecological action taken by the ‘Plonsk’ local government was the modernisation of the town heating system carried out by a local company – PEC. The investment was to reconstruct the existing coal-fired heating plant and change the fuel for the combined production of heat and electricity to wood chips. Płońsk was the first town in the country to invest in such a modern and comprehensive renewable green fuel energy. In 2007, GROS-POL, the company which carried out this task, was presented with the Energy Globe Award by the European Parliament.

The most important task in reaching the strategic ecological aims was to build a modern recycling plant – reducing waste storage and removing enviromental pollutants. The recycling plant has a capacity of 50-60 thousand tonnes of waste per year, in which waste management consists of utility waste separation, preparation of intermediate substances for the production of alternative fuel, neutralisation of the biological substances contained in the waste by composting it through an intensive process in BIDEGMA chambers (this is the first composting plant of this kind and attracts great attention).

The latest environmental project initiated by the local government of ‘Plonsk’ was the creation of the Association ‘Everyone for all’, which is planning to acquire European Union funds for the installation of solar panelling for water heating. This novel idea gained public acceptance and aroused great interest amongst town residents and the inhabitants of the surrounding areas. One of the important elements in raising ecological awareness among residents was the national campaign ‘From Eco Government to Eco Society’ and ‘I am segregating from nature!’. The projects involved trainings courses for teachers, competitions for kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools.

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Award category: going green
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Award year: 2011
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Sector: Public administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reform
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Keywords: Ecologic, ecological, environmental, environment, investment
Short English description: The projects involved trainings courses for teachers, competitions for kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools.
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Organisation: Urząd Miejski w Płońsku
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Level of government: local level
Size of organisation: 1-25
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Country: Poland
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