Level of government

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This is a property of type Page.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • EU institutions (since EPSA 2011)
  • multinational level
  • national level
  • regional level
  • local level (county/municipal level)

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'Malopolska 2020 - unlimited opportunities - unlimited debate' - regional public discussion on the malopolska region development strategy for 2011-2020 +Regional level  +
3000 Ambassadors for Road Safety +National level  +
A Root and Branch Reformation of a Organisation´s Business Model +Regional level  +
A Wealth of Ideas – IdéRiget +National level  +
A day 'Never to forget' +Local level  +
A fair deal - Electronic charging orders +National level  +
A new deal for administrative leadership in the renewed flemish government administration +Regional level  +
A new planning, programming, control system of Pescara Province +Local level  +
A process - oriented organisational chart: A new path, reflecting our daily business +National level  +
A small central european town in the storm of the economical depression +Local level  +
A step change - Aberdeen city council's leadership for a low-carbon economy +Local level  +
A.U.G.E +Regional level  +
ACCESS-Toulouse: Alliance for Children’s Citizenship and Education based on Social diversity towards Success +Local level  +
ACT - ACT for competence in training +National level  +
AGMA Agency Staff Procurement Project +Local level  +
ALF (Child Benefit without Application) +National level  +
ARHiNET +National level  +
ARPIA +Local level  +
About People with People - Award for Local Democracy Support and Cooperation with NGOs +National level  +
Accréditation des services d'inspection de la direction générale de l'alimentation +National level  +
Achieving readiness for prompt recovery of orphan radioactive sources +National level  +
Action Programme for Large Families – Three Plus Family +Local level  +
Action strategy +Regional level  +
Actions against economic crisis +Regional level  +
Administration of public funds allocated for environmental protection and water management using priority programmes +National level  +