Public services in valcea county - partnership for a common mission

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This project was implemented by the Prefect’s Institution of Valcea County together with 16 public administrations at county level. Its main objective was to increase the quality of public services delivered to citizens by decentralised public administrations (at local and county level). This had to be achieved through the development of human capital (education and training), exchanging views on ethical issues between public administrations, decentralised services and civil society, as well as developing an integrated network of communication using information technology. It was financed through the scheme ‘Financial Mechanism of European Economic Space’.

The human resources needed to assure the efficient functioning of the information network that was created included public clerks from the specialised units in the partner institutions who were instructed through training sessions in the main domains in which they work. These sessions concluded with national and even internationally-recognised diplomas (ECDL). Citizens’ involvement in the authorities’ administrative activity, as well as the successful exchange of views on ethical issues between specialised institutions, local administrations and civil society materialised in 13 information sessions, organised over 15 months. Various themes of significant interest for the authorities, as well as for the public, were approached: environment protection, health, rural development, education etc.

The project is an answer to a clear need for communication between the partner institutions. The project leader has the responsibility of monitoring the activity of decentralised public services. Thus, the electronic network which will be created, as well as the information sessions taking place, will improve the dialogue between service providers and institutions. The final aim is to improve the quality of services provided to citizens. The citizens will have the possibility to access information about the services they require using a single website. The project began in January 2010 and ended in April 2011. Activities that have been accomplished over the period of implementation:

  • Specialised instruction in 19 domains (the use of Doc Manager system and of an electronic network, communitarian regulations, ECDL, communication and PR, human resources, management etc.).
  • Exchange of experiences and ethical issues between public clerks through information and communication sessions in different domains.
  • Acquisition and installation of a Doc Manager system in 13 public institutions.
  • Acquisition and installation of an electronic network in 17 partner institutions.
  • Development of the website in a portal with the possibility of a ‘one-stop-shop’ for citizens.
  • Provision of the technical infrastructure necessary for the network, for the software Doc Manager and for the web portal; advertisement and promotion activities.
  • Provision of auditing the whole activity throughout the development of the project.
  • Promotion activities of the project’s results and of the sponsors.
Award info
Award category: opening up the public sector
Award type: submission
Award year: 2011
Project type
Sector: Public administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reform
Type of activity:
Keywords: Increase administrative capacity
Short English description: Its main objective was to increase the quality of public services delivered to citizens by decentralised public administrations
Further information
Organisation: Prefect’s Institution of Valcea County
Other applicants:
Level of government: local level
Size of organisation: 25-50
Number of people involved: >15
Country: Romania
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
Start date:
End date:

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