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Projects from RomaniaAward typeAward yearAward categoryType of activityLevel of government
The city hall of Sibiu - an efficient european public administrationSubmission2009Public service deliverynew services or new technologiesLocal level
Together for transparencySubmission2009Partnership workingcommunity and stakeholder participationRegional level
Home caretakers network for elderly personsSubmission2009Public service deliverycooperationLocal level
Romanian-Bulgarian club me and EU in GiurgiuSubmission2009Partnership workingcooperationRegional level
The management of payment instrumentsSubmission2009Public service deliveryLocal level
Quality management in Romanian public servicesSubmission2009Public service delivery
Partnership working between Harghita county council and civil society organisationSubmission2009Partnership workingpublic-private partnershipsRegional level
Timisoara - little ViennaSubmission2009Partnership workingLocal level
Faster communicationSubmission2009Public service deliverycommunication strategyLocal level
Galati local public administrationSubmission2009Public service deliverye-governmentLocal level
Reforming the passport service in Bihor countrySubmission2009Public service deliverynew services or new technologiesRegional level
The management of career in public administrationSubmission2009Leadership and changestrategic management and planning toolsRegional level
Rupea-Cohalm local development pilot projectSubmission2009Partnership workingpublic-private partnershipsNational level
Information campaign of the civil servants on Romania┬┤s accession to the EU, 2006Submission2009Public service deliverye-governmentLocal level
Service centre for child and familySubmission2009Public service deliverynew services or new technologiesLocal level
Modernising the local administrationSubmission2009Public service deliverynew services or new technologiesLocal level
Evaluation of the county strategy concerning the speeding-up of the development of community public utility servicesSubmission2009Public service deliveryLocal level
Improving performance of civil servantsSubmission2009Leadership and changehuman resource managementLocal level
Multi-functional centreSubmission2009Public service deliveryLocal level
English and French courses for public servantsSubmission2009Public service deliveryhuman resource managementLocal level
Modernisation and productivity of local public services in Popesti, Valcea districtSubmission2009Public service deliverynew forms of financing and financial managementLocal level
Social campaign 'Redirect 2% of the income tax for the benefit of the Marie Churie children hospital'Submission2009Partnership workingnew forms of financing and financial managementLocal level
The impact of implementing quality management in higher educationSubmission2009Leadership and changequality managementLocal level
Siveco-It solutions for a performant European public administrationSubmission2009Partnership workingLocal level
Ethics in public servicesSubmission2009Public service deliverye-governmentNational level
Community counsellorsSubmission2009Public service deliverycooperationLocal level
The next generationSubmission2009Partnership workinge-governmentLocal level
Transparent RomaniaSubmission2009Citizen involvementNational level
Roads without borders for a united EuropeSubmission2009Partnership workingcooperationRegional level
Urban network for innovation in Ceramics (U.N.I.C)Submission2009Partnership workingnew services or new technologiesLocal level
The citizens guide - public services on your sideSubmission2009Public service deliveryLocal level
Performance management in the competition councilSubmission2009Leadership and changehuman resource managementNational level
Strategic partnership for the improvement of the situation of the Roma population in BucharestAward2007Collaborative governancecommunity and stakeholder participationLocal level
Educational Campaign on Child's RightsDiploma2007Collaborative governancecommunication strategyNational level
Home care social services for the elderlyDiploma2007Demographic changenew services or new technologiesLocal level
For Salaj - post-accesion project related meetings/presentationsDiploma2007Collaborative governancecommunity and stakeholder participationLocal level
The setting up of the Information Centre for Sustainable Development of Bihor CountySubmission2007Collaborative governancecooperationLocal level
The Increment of Organizational Competitiveness by Setting up a Cluster in the North Western Region of the CountrySubmission2007Collaborative governancecooperationNational level
Children's City - A multifunctional playing ground for children from Oradea and the neighbouring areasSubmission2007Scarce resourcescapital investmentLocal level
An innovative Anti Fraud SystemSubmission2007Collaborative governancenew services or new technologiesNational level
Community social services for adults with mental health problemsSubmission2007Collaborative governancenew services or new technologiesLocal level
Economy based of knowledgeSubmission2007Collaborative governancee-governmentLocal level
ClujNetworking4EuropeSubmission2007Collaborative governancecooperationLocal level
Training sessions for the local public administration representatives in Cluj County, RomaniaSubmission2007Scarce resourcesstrategic management and planning toolsLocal level
Oradea (RO) Debrecen (HU) Crossborder ConglomerationSubmission2007Collaborative governancecapital investmentLocal level
My town in my EuropeSubmission2007Collaborative governancecooperationLocal level
Integration of the official Romanian statistics into the European Statistical SystemSubmission2007Scarce resourcesbusiness process re-engineeringNational level
Project of Mures-Calimani Community's FestSubmission2007Collaborative governancecooperationLocal level