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The federal state of Burgenland (BGLD) has about 277,000 inhabitants, shares a long border with its eastern neighbours and was greatly influenced economically by its status as a country bordering the ‘Iron Curtain’. The fall of the Iron Curtain and Austria’s accession to the EU (1995) changed the economic situation in BGLD. This country is now a modernised state, undergoing extraordinary economic development. Although BGLD was the state with Austria’s largest increase in unemployment this situation changed completely. Since the start of the implementation of TQM instruments the ‘Arbeitsmarktservice’ (AMS) has continuously developed from a bureaucratic organisation to a modern service-oriented company, resulting in a service focused on consumer satisfaction. In close cooperation with the regional government, the European Social Foundation (ESF), its social partners and all other stakeholders, the AMS established various organisational and customer-oriented steps to improve its service level and customer satisfaction. It thus became possible to manage the challenges of the local labour market and to prepare the organisation for future expansion of the European Union. AMS aims to provide a good example of how to manage change. The most important achievements can be seen in the fact that the number of employed people in BGLD has risen above the national average and that the PES is accepted by politicians, social partners, stakeholders, society, the media and - most importantly - the consumers.

The PES handled the support from the ESF and was involved in many developing projects. During recent years, the Austrian PES has set various change-management activities: - After its strategic redesign in 1994, the new AMS set various steps to improve its performance. Its main focus was the consequent development of internal and external customer & process orientation and a clear customers’ segmentation. For example, AMS created an A-B-C-model for companies and a segmentation of job seekers and the unemployed, differentiating between job-ready customers and people needing further training or special counselling. - New identity: The Austrian PES developed the CI project, its PES mission statement, its vision, principles of leadership, cooperation and communication and a mission statement for leadership. -Strengthening quality awareness: Since 1999, the Austrian PES has focused on TQM, implemented the EFQM model and brought in and trained quality assistants at all levels of organisation. -In 2004, the AMS identified key-management processes, as well as business and internal service processes. All these development steps are integrated in the process manual and in the quality manual of AMS BGLD. The PES now has a modern integrated management system, based on an agreed policy, essential international standards (EFQM, IS, IIP, CAF) and proven management instruments.

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Award category: public service delivery
Award type: submission
Award year: 2009
Project type
Sector: Employment, labour related affairs and gender equality
Type of activity: cooperation
Keywords: Customer relationship, management and performance, CAF, EFQM, ESF
Short English description: Via implementation of TQM instruments and in close cooperation with partners the "Arbeitsmarktservice" developed to a modern service-orientated company, resulting in a service focused consumer satisfaction. AMS aims to provide a good example of how to manage change.
Further information
Organisation: Arbeitsmarktservice Burgenland (AMS BGLD)
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Level of government: regional level
Size of organisation: >100
Number of people involved:
Country: Austria
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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