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‘The Tallinn City Services one-stop-shop’ project entails the Tallinn Public Service Database, including 5th level eServices delivered to persons with low income. Tallinn Public Service Database is a subsection of the City of Tallinn webpage; it comprises the centralised, categorised and classified information about public services: the offer, target and description of a service, delivery channels, price, list of accordant legal acts, process descriptions dependant on delivery channel, name and contact information of the executive. This standard information is displayed on a so-called service card; there are about 560 service cards in the database. The Tallinn Financial Account System uses the price information from the database for financial transactions, thus guaranteeing exact and updated price information for the service users and providers. The database provides officials with feedback in terms of service usage statistics. The database enables the municipality to coordinate the sales and market its full set of services.

Tallinn City Services One Stop Shop has been an example for Estonia’s smaller municipalities in establishing standardised service portals. Their service classification and service card has been considered by the Estonian Ministry of the Interior as a good basis for a sample solution for other cities and rural municipalities. The target groups for 5th level eServices vary from families with children to elderly people. These services are: Childbirth allowance from the City of Tallinn. This is granted to parents of a child, provided that according to the Population Register, both parents were citizens of Tallinn before the child was born and at least one of the parents had lived in Tallinn for at least a year before the child was born; Allowance for the first-graders of Tallinn schools. Benefit applications for children attending school for the first time are accepted during the first three months of the school year; My sports club gives the possibility to choose the sports club the person attends; the club will then be subsidised by Tallinn City Government and the user of the club will pay a reduced fee. The sports activity benefit is given to sports clubs to organise activities for Tallinn’s amateurs with disabilities and persons with permanent disabilities; Similarly, My child in sports club works in the same way for children, and it is the parents of the child who decide which sports club receives the sports activity benefit to organise sports activities for Tallinn’s children; Annual allowance for retired citizens of Tallinn. Pension supplement application can be submitted by persons receiving retirement pension or incapacity pension and adults (from the age of 18) receiving national pension and death pension. Pension supplement is paid once a year in the applicant’s birth month. The services are available to groups of population with the forenamed conditions; applications are required. Tallinn City Government has back-office information systems, Sports Support Information System and Subsidy Independent from Income Module to process applications. The delivery channel for the services is the State Portal where the applicant has to log in. There are three different possibilities to access services: with ID-card; with Mobile-ID; or an internet bank link. The logged-in person is authorised as citizen of Tallinn by Estonian Population Registry via data exchange layer X-Road. Pre-completed eApplication forms to concrete service open only for entitled persons; compliance with the required conditions is verified automatically by adequate data bases via X-road. After submitting the eApplication subsequent processes will be different depending on service, but it will be done automatically and will end with money transfer to the applicant’s or sports club’s bank account.

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Award category: smart public service delivery
Award type: diploma
Award year: 2011
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Sector: Public administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reform
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Keywords: One-stop-shop for all city services online; 5th level of eServices
Short English description: Tallinn City Services One Stop Shop has been an example for Estonia’s smaller municipalities in establishing standardised service portals.
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Organisation: Tallinn City Office
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Level of government: local level
Size of organisation: >100
Number of people involved: >15
Country: Estonia
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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