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[[Image:Award2009small.png|link=|left]]...Winners of EPSA 2009  
[[Image:Award2009small.png|link=|left]]<small>...Winners of EPSA 2009</small>
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<div style="clear:left"></div>
[[Image:Award.png|link=|left]]...Winners of EPSA 2007
[[Image:Award.png|link=|left]]...Winners of EPSA 2007

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EPSA - the European Public Sector Award brings together the best, most innovative and efficient performers from the European public sector. By highlighting exemplary models of innovative public performance, the award serves as a catalyst for continued progress in addressing Europe's most pressing concerns whilst providing a platform for the public sector innovators behind these cases to disseminate their achievements. The EPSA's objective is to make these valuable experiences transparent, known to the public and usable.

The projects documented on this Web site were submitted to the awards EPSA 2007 and EPSA 2009.

For information on EPSA 2011 please visit the ESPA 2011 Web site.

Winners of EPSA 2009 and EPSA 2007 awards, award nominees as well as diploma or best practice award winners:
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...Winners of EPSA 2009
...Winners of EPSA 2007
...Nominees of EPSA 2009
...Best practice award of EPSA 2009
...Diploma of EPSA 2007