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Act for Competence in Training (ACT) is an initiative of the European Institute of Romania to develop training services and enlarge revenues in order to improve professionalism in training and sustainability.The purpose of the project is to raise visibility of the EIR in the training area on EU affairs and other subjects related to training. The project included, among others, organisation of the training programmes based on yearly planning and needs assessment of the public administration; developing partnerships with the European Studies Centre from Strasbourg, the French Embassy in Romania, the French Institute of Bucharest and EIPA; developing the partnership with the Association for Professional Training of the Adults to organise certified training programmes; campaign of trainers’ recruitment; applying for certification of two new training programmes to be included in the EIR curricula. The resources allocated to the project were the internal resources of the departments involved in the project (Translation Department and Training Unit), whose personnel worked on the project as part of the job at the institute. There were no funds allocated for this project, the project was seen as a solution to the scarce budget and to the reduced allocations from the public sources. The change of the vision in EIR started with the change of the statute which made it possible to have other sources of funding independent from the public budget. This meant that EIR could charge for training, for books published and to sell its studies. It also meant a change in paradigm from a passive institution to a proactive one, capable of predicting the market trends and able to respond to market needs. This entailed the delivery of training sessions appealing also to target groups other than public bodies, to have interesting study themes and to cooperate with institutions that would pay for the translation service.

ACT has been viewed as a project that would increase the visibility of the European Institute of Romania to private bodies and civil society and attract these institutions as clients. ACT is a method to decrease the dependency level on the public funds and diversify activities and projects. The development of alternative training programmes with various granting sources is a committed activity of EIR in order to pass over the crisis period and improve the training offer to its beneficiaries. In quantitative terms, the implementation of ACT made it possible to increase the main indicators of quality in terms of measuring the performance of training activities – number of days of training, number of sessions, and number of participants. Although increasing, the share of self-generated revenue versus the budgetary allocation is still in favour of state resources. In 2010, during ACT implementation, the self-generated revenues were 20% of the total budget and 86% of the funds came from training activities.

The aim for EIR in the following years is to change that share and have the self-financed activities be the major component of its budget, thus creating as little a need as possible for state financial support, without losing its focus of delivering quality services related to European Affairs to the Romanian public administration. EIR is also focused on opening up new avenues for collaboration and involvement with as many institutions as possible – universities, similar research institutes in Romania and in other countries, private sector partnerships or civil society engagements.

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Award category: smart public service delivery
Award type: submission
Award year: 2011
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Sector: Education (higher and lower), training and learning
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Keywords: Methods to develop training activity with scarce resources
Short English description: ACT is a method to decrease the dependency level on the public funds and diversify activities and projects.
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Organisation: EIR
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Level of government: national level
Size of organisation: 25-50
Number of people involved: 6-10
Country: Romania
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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