Dyonipos (Dynamic ontology based integrated process optimisation)

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Efficient and effective knowledge management plays an increasingly important role in knowledge-intensive organisations. For instance, knowledge plays a significant role for a public body, like the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF), in order to fulfil tasks concerning corporate operations and services, budget and public finances, economic policy and financial markets, and tax policy. However, knowledge often only exists in an implicit form -in the mind of employees. Externalising knowledge into an explicit form is one of the biggest challenges of knowledge management.

As a solution, a radical new Knowledge Management tool DYONIPOS (DYnamic ONtology based Integrated Process OptimiSation) was established based on three premises: no additional work due to Knowledge Management; proactive and context-sensitive knowledge provision to knowledge workers; knowledge discovery outside of artefacts (e.g. outside of documents).

DYONIPOS provides knowledge automatically -where and when it is needed -which is appropriate to the individual work context (context­sensitive) of the individual knowledge worker. Thus, it supports users through proactive delivery of contextual information (resources) while the knowledge workers are doing their daily work. As a result, an organisation’s hidden knowledge is made automatically accessible. DYONIPOS permanently detects and analyses the user’s constantly changing work context. Furthermore, the system identifies the individual and specific ‘Information Need’ from the detected context and automatically executes optimised queries to the individual and to a semantically consolidated organisational knowledge base. DYONIPOS acts as an intelligent individual assistant which searches for relevant information and related concepts, e.g. for documents, websites, records, but also for colleagues that can help to solve current work problems and for organisations which are familiar with the actual topic. In addition, users are able to directly search for related concepts and similar resources and to give feedback. DYONIPOS also assists with detailed and deep analysis of search results, e.g. on request it automatically clusters relevant resources into topics and creates a three-dimensional topic landscape. Resources which can be important and interesting for other people (e.g. websites) can be easily released to the organisational knowledge base by the knowledge worker. The memory of the organisation grows dynamically and integrates big central databases like file systems, different databases, the electronic record system (in Austrian ministries all records are administered electronically) and archived e-mails. DYONIPOS analyses and enriches the contents of these artefacts semantically. In addition, DYONIPOS automatically provides this semantically enriched organisational knowledge base for search queries.

The objective of DYONIPOS is to provide personal, agile and proactive support for the knowledge worker by means of proactive, context-sensitive knowledge delivery. Thus, the use of DYONIPOS leads to an increase of the efficiency and effectiveness of the knowledge organisation and thereby to an optimisation of public service provision.

Award info
Award category: public service delivery
Award type: diploma
Award year: 2009
Project type
Sector: Taxation, customs, finances
Type of activity: e-government
Keywords: Research project DYONIPOS, use-case, proactive knowledge work support, knowledge management, semantic technologies, knowledge mining, knowledge discovery, knowledge flow analysis
Short English description: The objective of DYONIPOS is to provide personal, agile and proactive support for the knowledge worker by means of proactive, context-sensitive knowledge delivery
Further information
Organisation: Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance
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Level of government: national level
Size of organisation: >100
Number of people involved:
Country: Austria
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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