E-payment of taxes via finanzonline (Pay-Fon)

From EPSA - European Public Sector Award


As the technical and organisational environment in business and administration has significantly changed over the last decade, a redevelopment of a payment model with billing instructions was desperately needed. Usually, tax payments are paid by individuals and companies (taxpayers) with a slip at the bank. The taxpayer has a right to decide which taxes he would like to pay and which self-assessment taxes (e.g. value-added tax, wage tax, employer contribution or supplement to employer contribution); the paid-in amount should be calculated by the tax authorities (billing instructions). For a large number of taxpayers this information is compiled by an authorised tax consultant and is forwarded to the taxpayer in the form of a paper slip to be paid. For every payment, the tax offices are sent a copy of this payment slip by the bank and the details contained therein must be manually entered into the back office system of the tax administration. The current process contains several changes in format (IT to paper or paper to IT) resulting in many misinterpretations and compilation errors, thereby wasting time and money.

A solution to this was found through the development of PAY-FON, a public e-service project in the field of tax collection, which links benefits for citizens (business benefits) with administrative savings (budget savings). It aims to remove the disadvantages of the previous process, to incur any additional costs for taxpayers and tax consultants, to achieve effective savings for the budget for the tax administration, to reduce paper applications and to prevent unnecessary changes in format, manual entry processes, entry errors, time wasting and queries. The project was developed and is driven by the tax administration in partnership with representatives from the public/business, tax consultants and the banks. PAY-FON makes it possible to report the self assessment taxes calculated by the taxpayers or tax consultants in a structured way to the tax authorities through the Inland Revenue’s central multifunctional e-Government platform (FinanzOnline), and to simultaneously authorise an appropriate payment via the EPS (e-Payment standard) interface from an internet banking system. FinanzOnline is an all-in-one data interface, front end platform and portal, which is very flexibly and dynamically linked to the back office systems by standardised data interfaces. Thus, changes and adaptations can be swiftly made to the back office systems with little effort. In the process, the payment and reporting of the self-assessment tax are carried out without changes in format and in a continuous workflow.

The result is an intelligent networking of individuals/companies, tax consultants, banks and, tax administration IT systems which led to several improvements. This method of tax payment has led to a reduction in costs for the tax administration (increased efficiency), the unburdening of companies from administrative expense (better regulation), a better service for the general public, substantial energy-saving and less strain on the environment.

Award info
Award category: partnership working
Award type: submission
Award year: 2009
Project type
Sector: Taxation, customs, finances
Type of activity: business process re-engineering
Keywords: Electronic tax payment, networking, effective savings, continuous workflow, innovation, integrated partners, structure, structured format
Short English description: The result is an intelligent networking of individuals/companies, tax consultants, banks and, tax administration IT systems which led to several improvements
Further information
Organisation: Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance, Directorate V/2
Other applicants: Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce
Level of government: national level
Size of organisation: 25-50
Number of people involved:
Country: Austria
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
Start date:
End date:

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