European networking of city twins Frankfurt (oder) and slubice

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For historical and economic reasons, these two cities, where stereotypes exist and where there are language and intercultural problems, have difficulty cooperating with each other. In particular, in 1989-1990 a negative image of the cities was propagated in the press and a visa regime existed in Poland. Furthermore, the border between the two cities presented a disadvantage to economic growth and social conditions. Since the structure of the Polish government underwent frequent changes, it was difficult to find the responsible person for every area and tasks.

Consequently, an international communications policy was developed as an instrument to solve these difficulties and to find the right way to understand and cooperate with each other. The aim was to develop a network and partnerships by planning a complex strategy with Slubice. Moreover, Frankfurt (Oder) is impressed by the use of marketing instruments to enhance the image and ‘the corporate identity’ of the cities. Another point is the strategy of research in the area of economics, development of the infrastructure and local growth. Furthermore, a project on building cooperative structures between the governance, politics, economics, local actors and public areas exists. Hence Frankfurt (Oder) and Slubice are following a cross-border approach that aims to improve the living conditions of their citizens in a sustainable way.

The communities on both sides had to form working teams and the following have been established: international cooperation, marketing, development of the city, economic research, culture, education and social work, and vision/working on projects. The two cities aim to prepare a paper about their common vision which is useful for the Local Handling Plan and the financial programme of Interreg IV A. The requirements for the content of the joint marketing plan ‘European Double City’ are sponsored by the citizens of Frankfurt (Oder). The cities are planning to use the presented resources when cooperating with other cross-border cities and when exchanging knowledge, e.g. City Twins. This is why a Local Action Plan 2010-2020 for both cities has been developed, aiming, among others, at the following goals:

  • Finding a strategic concept for concrete areas and decisions on

communal development;

  • Developing a collective vision;
  • Getting a commitment from participants to work better on the

development of ‘Local Action Plan 2010-2010’ etc.

For the realisation of these goals, external experts and the citizens of both cities were consulted. During the project a lot of workshops strongly linked to each other by a common cross-border strategy were organised so as to start discussion about the preferences of each country. Moreover, there are conditions that have to be fulfilled by every citizen in Frankfurt (Oder) who engages in public initiatives and takes part in the process of decision-making. This is why they have to be able to fit in with each other better and develop new strategies in their region.

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Award category: partnership working
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Award year: 2009
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Sector: External relations and aid, development and enlargement
Type of activity: cooperation
Keywords: Network International Cooperation, City Twins, Sister City Partnership
Short English description: Consequently, an international communications policy was developed as an instrument to solve these difficulties and to find the right way to understand and cooperate with each other
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Organisation: City Administration Frankfurt (Oder)
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Country: Germany
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European networking of city twins Frankfurt (oder) and slubice (52.34458° N, 14.55424° E)
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