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Up to 80% of all decisions affecting citizens are linked to geographical information (Coopers and Lybrand 1996). ‘’ is the federal government platform that facilitates public access to this spatial data. It was created following the entry into force of the Federal Geoinformation Act and is aimed at both the general public and professionals, and its intention is to contribute to a more effective dissemination of the comprehensive information that exists in this field relating to Switzerland’s territory.

In connection with the infrastructure developed at the cantonal and municipal levels, ‘’ constitutes an important component of the future national geoinformation infrastructure. ‘’ is based on the Federal Geoinformation Act, which stipulates that, in order to ensure it is used at all levels, the federal, cantonal and municipal authorities, the business sector, the general public and the scientific circles are to be provided with fast, simple and reliable access to upto- date geodata encompassing the entire territory of Switzerland, at the required level of quality and at a reasonable cost. ‘’ fulfils the requirement of a common reference framework for geographic data and services of public interest in order to foster a network that facilitates their use. It also forms the necessary basis for the creation of a national geoinformation infrastructure, resulting from co-ordinated activities at the federal, cantonal and municipal levels.

As winner of the first prize in the 2010 Excellence in Public Service Award, ‘’ is the comprehensive federal government platform for geoinformation, geodata and geoservices. It is accessible to the general public and contains more than 100 geodata sets, originating from a variety of federal bodies, as well as more than 20 thematic portals. Anyone who wishes to can view, print and order geodata. It is visited by an average of around 10,000 users each day. The technical infrastructure, which was nominated for the 2010 Swiss Open Source Award, comprises a combination of original open source solutions and cloud computing services.

The portal is available in Switzerland’s four official languages, as well as in English, and it is accepted by both the general public and professionals. It is a fast, innovative, stable and robust implementation of a single point of entry, including catalogue, map viewing function and services for spatial data sets, to increase the economic benefit of basic geographical data.

The federal geodata portal is managed by the Federal Office of Topography, swisstopo, on the basis of a mandate from the Coordinating Agency for Federal Geographical Information (GCG).

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Award category: opening up the public sector
Award type: submission
Award year: 2011
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Sector: Public administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reform
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Keywords: Spatial data infrastructure, geodata, open data, INSPIRE, maps, SDI, cloud computing, open government, geoinformation, data services, open source, GIS, gov2.0.
Short English description: ‘’ is the federal government platform that facilitates public access to this spatial data.
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Organisation: Federal Office of Topography swisstopo
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Level of government: national level
Size of organisation: >100
Number of people involved: >15
Country: Switzerland
EU membership: other European country
Language code: en
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End date: - The geoportal of the swiss confederation (46.9283625, 7.4520532)
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