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Award winners

ProjectsCountryOrganisationLevel of governmentSectorShort english description
GroeipakketBelgiumKind en GezinRegional levelotherAs a result of the sixth Belgian governmental reform, the competence of child benefits was transferred from the federal level to the Communities and Regions (Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels and the German speaking Community) on January the 1st 2019. Flanders chose to integrate the family allowances in a larger family policy. This was an opportunity to enlarge the support of families and children and to make the system more efficient and convenient.

Award nominees

ProjectsCountryOrganisationLevel of governmentSectorShort english description
Aha plusAustriaOffice for Future Related Issues (Federal Government Vorarlberg/Austria)Regional levelcross-sectoralaha plus is a recognition system for young people who engage as volunteers beyond the ordinary membership activities in an association or an organisation, in their municipality or in an initiative.
Malopolska. Empathetic culture - Making culture accessible for everyonePolandDepartment of Culture and National Heritage, Marshal Office of Malopolska RegionRegional levelotherMalopolska. Empathetic culture project has been initiated by the Department of Culture and National Heritage of Marshal Office of Malopolska Region. Malopolska Culture Institute in Krakow (MIK) has been asked to lead the project activities. The unique project team has been created as it consists of Marshall Office and MIK employees that work together. Additionally, the expert/consultation group was commenced. People with disabilities and non-government organizations joined it to plan, advice and assess project activities and outcomes. It is a form of cooperation that does not happen often within current public organizations/institutions working habits.

Honorary mentions and Best Practice Certificates

ProjectsCountryOrganisationLevel of governmentSectorShort english description
PoliVisu - Policy Visuals ToolboxBelgiumFlanders information agencyRegional levelcross-sectoralThe PoliVisu - Policy Visuals Toolbox has been developed in an European research project aimed at evolving the traditional public policy making cycle using big & open data. The core objective was to enhance an open set of digital tools to leverage big data to help public sector decision-making become more democratic by (a) experimenting with different policy options through impact visualisation and (b) using the resulting visualisations to engage and use the collective intelligence of policy stakeholders for collaborative solution development.
Coaching to selfcare and early discharge for hip surgeryDenmarkOrthopedic departement Holbeck Hospital DenmarkRegional levelPublic health and social welfare/affairsOur ”Coaching to self-care” program - based on research within rehabilitation to elderly patients 65+ after hip/knee replacement and early discharge, is an ongoing developed four step systematic intervention and counselling procedure, developed, tested and validated to support patients after early discharge.
Regional coordination group ehealth and welfare technology AgderNorwayRegional coordination group ehealth and welfare technology AgderRegional levelcross-sectoralIt is a national goal that welfare technology will become an integral part of the service offering in the health and care services by 2020. The goal is the safe use of security-creating technology that can help more people stay longer in their own homes despite illness or reduced functional capacity.
CIVIL UAVS INITIATIVESpainAxencia Galega de Innovación - Xunta de GaliciaRegional levelcross-sectoralThe Civil UAVs Initiative (CUI) is the strategic initiative of the Regional Government of Galicia to improve public services using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs). The Initiative is being implemented through Pre-Commercial Public Procurement and Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions.
SPATIAL IACS DATA SUPPLY OF FARMS IN CATALONIASpainDirecció General de Desenvolupament Rural - Departament d’Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca i AlimentacióRegional levelcross-sectoralImprovement and creation of three tools for the diffusion of graphic data of the farms in Catalonia, for their reuse and the support of a permanently updated integrated system of management and quality control.

Award submissions

ProjectsCountryOrganisationLevel of governmentSectorShort english description
Project Hub//ProjektschmiedeAustriaAmt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung, Office for future related issuesRegional levelotherThe Projektschmiede is essentially a space for people with good ideas. Good ideas for socially relevant questions that make a contribution to the common good.
Together we are strong for childrenAustriaOffice of the Styrian State Government, A6 Department of Society (sectionRegional levelcross-sectoralFor the period 2018-2020, the state of Styria has set itself the target of developing municipal prevention chains along the educational biographies of children and adolescents in five communities. Despite different starting conditions and social environments of children and adolescents, they should be able to grow up well, according to their abilities.
Implementing the system of personal following financing (PFF) in Flanders: more than a challenge !BelgiumFlemish Agency for people with a disability (PwD)Regional levelcross-sectoralThe United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of Persons with a Disability (CRPD) was the foundation and driver of "Perspective 2020: a new care and assistance policy for disabled persons", endorsed by the Flemish Government in 2012, which triggered the implementation of a demand driven financing system.
Smart and efficient GovernanceCzech RepublicMoravian-Silesian RegionRegional levelcross-sectoralThe Moravian-Silesian Region is the first region in the Czech Republic to implement corporate governance standards in public administration and accept the concept of shared services.
Region for Everyone (Deinstitutionalisation of Social Services)Czech RepublicMoravian-Silesian RegionRegional levelcross-sectoral
Digital transformation of electronic public procurement: from sourcing to receiving the first invoiceFranceGIP MaximilienRegional levelcross-sectoralOne of the main objectives is the interoperability of information systems. In terms of dematerialized tools, two major difficulties exist today :

•The large number of shared buyer profiles (at least 28 at the departmental, interdepartmental, regional or national levels) communicating little with each other.

•The absence of complete public order chains dematerialized.
On the road to full employment in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén CountyHungaryBorsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Govenment HungaryRegional levelEmployment, labour related affairs and gender equalityThe Government of Hungary has set itself the goal of supporting human resource development, employment promotion and social cooperation. The Government intends to achieve this goal with the county governments, the municipalities of the county-owned cities, government agencies, and the local and other county actors involved in employment development within the Operational Program for Regional and Urban Development.
The Tuscany System of Business servicesItalyRegione ToscanaRegional levelcross-sectoralThe challenge of the Regional Public Administration is to support the business world in order to be an efficient partner and not become an impeding factor for entrepreneurial development, while at the same time favouring the economic development of the territory. Through the implementation of the services of the Tuscan System of Business Services the intention was to offer, not only to the companies present, but to all those potentially attracted by the territory, innovative services able to facilitate the comparison and exchange of information between the business world and the public administration.
Innovative solutions in coordination of social security systems in the area of family benefits introduced by Lesser Poland VoivodeshipPolandMałopolska Provincial Office in KrakowRegional levelcross-sectoralThe implemented project is related to the statutory takeover of the task of coordination in the area of Family Allowance and Benefit for bringing up children from 1st of January 2018, by voivodes in the whole Poland, carried out so far by the marshals of voivodeships. This task consists in determining which of the countries should pay the due benefits in case of families in which one of the spouses works in a country of the European Union, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein.
“Joint effort towards best results” Result oriented management and stakeholders engagement as an example of modern and effective public administration represented by Opolskie Revenue Administration.”PolandRevenue Administration Regional Office in OpoleRegional levelTaxation, customs, financesManagement is only effective if it covers all the key aspects of the institution's work. After consolidation, which took place in 2017, the three main administrations; tax, custom and fiscal control were combined into one large organization. Consolidation, which united the forces of many differently operated and managed offices, required the adoption of new, innovative management methods. This was one of the main reasons for introducing a new management model in the Opolskie Revenue Administration, which on one hand combines elements related to a high standard of services provided by focusing on achieving the best results and on the other hand takes into account the human aspects.
“revenue e-ducation”PolandRevenue Administration Regional Office in WarsawRegional levelcross-sectoralThe project of the Revenue Administration Regional Office in Warsaw “revenue e-ducation” aims to change not only the image of the state institution itself, but also the way citizens perceive the implementation of obligations imposed on them by the State.
LIFE Integrated Project “Implementation of Air Quality Plan for Małopolska Region – Małopolska in a healthy atmosphere”PolandThe Marshal's Office of the Małopolska RegionRegional levelcross-sectoralMałopolska Region struggles with very poor air quality, in particular during the winter season. Along with Silesia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, it is one of the most polluted regions in the European Union. The LIFE Integrated Project „Implementation of Air Quality Plan for Małopolska Region – Małopolska in a healthy atmosphere” is a response to the needs of local governments and the barriers identified during the implementation of the Air Quality Plan for Małopolska.
RSC campaign - Female´sInvestigativeHeart - CRTVG (Spain)SpainCorporación Radio e Televisión de GaliciaRegional levelInformation society, technology, media and audiovisualFemale´sInvestigativeHeart / #CorazonDeInvestigadora was the Corporation's fourth CSR campaign in 2018. The other three campaigns of the year were focused on Digital Education (February), Sustainability and Road Safety (April); and Galician Letters (May). Its purpose is to highlight the value of women and of scientific, technical and artistic vocations among Galician girls.
Aragon Open Government PlanSpainGobierno de AragónRegional levelcross-sectoralThe Goverment of Aragon is committed with transparency as driving force for closing the existing gap between citizens and public administrations, one of the main challenges that European society is facing in the present. Since 2015, the Government of the Autonomous Community of Aragon in Spain has set up an Open Government Plan that includes actions, tools and policies with a basic idea in mind: to allow any citizen to know in detail what the Government is doing as part of a capacity building programme.
CSR campaignSpainRadio and Television Corporation of Galicia (Spain)Regional levelInformation society, technology, media and audiovisualDon´t LookPlay / #NonMiresXoga is a 360º campaign, made entirely with the resources of the CRTVG, he Radio and Television Corporation of Galicia, from its concept to its final broadcast on the supports and channels of the Corporation. Don´t LookPlay / #NonMiresXoga diffuses the notion that the only limit is in our sight, not in the athletes, that´s why we have to break this barrier. The campaign began the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace of the UN, April, 6th and it lasted for a whole week.