New solutions to complex challenges - supra-local and local level

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Award winners

ProjectsCountryOrganisationLevel of governmentSectorShort english description
NordwärtsGermanyCity of DortmundLocal levelJustice, police, human rights and securityMulti-level-governance, empowerment, social innovation, dismantling silos, co-creation, co-financing, evaluation and monitoring, budgeting for citizens’ projects, urban development

Award nominees

ProjectsCountryOrganisationLevel of governmentSectorShort english description
Talents for AustriaAustriaMunicipality of TrofaiachLocal levelJustice, police, human rights and securityUnaccompanied Minor Refugees, integration, school for young refugees, education, values, employment
Robby the RatNetherlandsMunicipality of BredaLocal levelScience, research, innovationThe city of Breda, a medium sized city in the Netherlands, established a programme to become a climate-proof city. Keywords in this programme are liveability, awareness and robustness. We like to highlight two projects that are part of this programme.
Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT)United KingdomAvon and Somerset ConstabularyLocal levelcross-sectoralOlder adults are often the most vulnerable people in our com- munities and are frequently targeted by heartless criminals who seek to exploit the inherent fragilities associated with older age. A survey of people aged 65-yers and over, which was conducted by the charity, Age UK, identified that 53% of the people surveyed had either been the victims of fraud, or had been targeted and had failed to be deceived into parting with money. The survey also found that only approximately 5% of fraud-type deception offences against older persons were ever reported to the authorities

Honorary mentions and Best Practice Certificates

ProjectsCountryOrganisationLevel of governmentSectorShort english description
StartWien - Getting a head start in ViennaAustriaCity of Vienna Municipal Deartment 17-Integration and DiversityLocal levelotherImmigration, asylum, integration, social inclusion, participation
ACCESS-Toulouse: Alliance for Children’s Citizenship and Education based on Social diversity towards SuccessFranceToulouse City CouncilLocal levelEducation (higher and lower), training and learningThe Toulouse City Council (TCC) is a recognised municipality in France in the field of education, since municipal decision of June 2001 of creating in each municipal school one leisure and educative centre associated to the school (CLAE).
The Wasps – Employment Opportunity for Persons with DisabilitiesIcelandMunicpality of HafnafjordurLocal levelEducation (higher and lower), training and learningSocial inclusion, persons with disabilities, innovation, employment, education, training
From eGovernment to eGovernance in the Metropolitan Area of BariItalyMunicipality of BariLocal levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformThis case presents an eGovernment framework for application cooperation of Public Administrations in the Metropolitan Area of the City of Bari, able to supply new added-value services tailored to citizens’ and business needs and useful for the monitoring of the urban context. The idea is to develop a network across the Municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of Bari in order to share standards, technological infrastructures and digital services as the basic requirements for the public services realisation and for the analysis of territorial dynamics by processing and modelling huge amount of data in a distributed and heterogeneous content environment.
Asker WelfareLabNorwayAsker MunicipalityLocal levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformAsker WelfareLab is a concept for service delivery, solely centered on the citizen, in which all relevant municipal services, together with external partners of collaboration, invest together, aiming to raise the living standards, thereby bettering the quality of life of each individual and family in the program. The municipal part of the investment is closely monitored through a new form of reporting, focusing on the realisation of benefits.
The Sarpsborg ModelNorwaySarpsborg MunicipalityLocal levelotherPrevention of Intergenerational Transmission - Act Now!

The Sarpsborg Model - a new method developed to prevent the intergenerational transmission of substance abuse problems and mental health conditions.

The method is all about acting now and not waiting for the symptoms to appear. The mental health services in the municipality of Sarpsborg in Norway often saw that children developed the same problems as their parents. In 2013 a new method was developed in order to prevent that the children inherited their parents’ problems. These new measures presented treatment and prevention simultaneously. The method is called the Sarpsborg Model. Mental health conditions in the population is one of society’s greatest health challenges, thus, preventive measures are essential and may contribute to equalise the social differences in health.
Gardens of CascaisPortugalCascais MunicipalityLocal levelEnvironment, climate change, agriculture (incl. food safety) and fisheryCommunity gardens are spaces for socialising, leisure and learning, with a strong socio and cultural potential and will increase the quality of life of its users. They are an integral part of the Ecological ecosystem of the county, and are located in parks and green spaces of leisure, bringing a new use to the public space, where different generations can live together.
Paid in WastePortugalJunta Frequesia CampolieLocal levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformPago em Lixo is a project launched by the Campolide Parish Council in 2016, as part of its strategy to drive local sustainable development. Recognising that local authorities have an important role to play in promoting the overall wellbeing of its communities, the Campolide Parish Council implemented Pago em Lixo to incentivise residents to adopt positive patterns of behaviour in dealing with household waste, energise the local economy, and strengthen community relations.
Alba Iulia Smart City 2018RomaniaMunicipality of Alba IuliaLocal levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformAlba Iulia - The city where the Future was born Alba Iulia (Romania) always managed to be a pioneer of things, since the beginning of its existence. In the field of smart city projects, Alba Iulia is being appreciated at national level for the urban development and for the strong and efficient partnerships developed over the years. Until now, not only the partnerships of the municipality of Alba Iulia with companies are innovative in the experience of the municipality, during the years Alba Iulia managed to become the first city in Central and Eastern Europe signing a contract with the World Bank (the WB usually works with governments not with cities) and also in assessing its financial capacities with Moody’s Rating Agency, one of the top 3 Rating Agencies in the world. According to the World Bank, Alba Iulia as County Capital ranks first in attracting EU funding/capita, which makes the city attractive and credible for potential partners all over the world.
Destination BarcelonaSpainBarcelona Provincial CouncilLocal levelEconomic affairs, competition, SMEThe Destination Barcelona project came about as a result of the tourism policies of the last 20 years that have favoured a process of extending tourism across the region as part of a strategy of territorial rebalancing and socioeconomic development and the influence of the overwhelming success of the city of Barcelona as a tourist destination.
Home Refurbishment ProgrammeSpainBarcelona Provincial Council, Social Welfare DepartmentLocal levelotherThe Barcelona Provincial Council is an intermediate local authority with the aim to ensure the provision of municipal services and to support the work of local government. With around 5.5 million inhabitants, the province of Barcelona is divided into 311, mainly small and medium-sized, municipalities. Through its Area of Service for Citizens, Barcelona Provincial Council helps ensure welfare, quality of life and social cohesion at the local level. Among the services for the elderly, priority is given to those that help people live with greater independence in their own homes
Police, camera, evidence: London’s cluster randomised controlled trial of Body Worn VideoUnited KingdomCollege of PolicingLocal levelcross-sectoralIn the UK, EU and the US, police use of Body Worn Video (BWV) had been increasing, but despite the growing popularity of BWV there is much to be learnt regarding its effectiveness. The project tested the implementation of BWV in UK’s largest police force, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) via a cluster randomised controlled trial (RCT).

Award submissions