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‘OSM - Online Schalter Migrationsamt’ (Online Counter Migration Office). Persons that need a residence permit (and/or work permit) issued or changed can apply online with both ePayment and direct document upload. An application can be tracked online. Lawyers and other state authorities can request access to a person’s file and access files online. In the Canton of St. Gallen, 85 Communal authorities can access files, transmit documents and be part of an electronic workflow. All services are accessible through a website, using SuisseID PKI for authentication. All data exchange from and to the cantonal migration office is integrated with the internal DMS and Workflow systems of the cantonal migration office. This allows very fast response time as sending of physical documents is reduced to a minimum. It saves paper, energy and toner as files are delivered electronically. Lawyers and other´authorities have electronic access to client files.

The system offers an extranet function for 85 communal authorities with direct workflow process integration and file view. The solution is built on a modern SOA architecture usable for other state authorities and highly integrated with internal ECM systems (document archive). A first solution was introduced in 2003. It was developed for the Migrationsamt specifically and offered electronic request and viewing of files and electronic applications for a resident permit. The technical platform was getting old and the web-application had to be updated. As a pilot project the new solution was built on a new strategic platform dedicated to e-government solutions for the Canton of St. Gallen. All modules realised will also be available for other departments / government agencies in the Canton of St. Gallen (SOA architecture).

This application is a modern, robust and efficient web-application that interacts directly with the internal ECM system (electronic file (FileNet) and workflow (TIBCO)). It saves delivery time (no postal delivery) and printing resources (toner, paper) while avoiding internal scanning. It also adds services like case tracking, ePayment, PKI (SuisseID) authentication and direct document upload to the Migrationsamt’s ECM Systems (Document Archiv ELAR and Workflow).

Award info
Award category: smart public service delivery
Award type: submission
Award year: 2011
Project type
Sector: Justice, police, human rights and security
Type of activity:
Keywords: Web workflow, DMS, PKI
Short English description: The system offers an extranet function for 85 communal authorities with direct workflow process integration and file view.
Further information
Organisation: Migrationsamt Kanton St.Gallen
Other applicants:
Level of government: regional level
Size of organisation: >100
Number of people involved: 6-10
Country: Switzerland
EU membership: other European country
Language code: en
Start date:
End date:

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