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In the past Oldham was thrown into the limelight as being at the centre of the worst racially motivated riots the UK had seen in over 15 years. Lack of joint working at a local level was highlighted as being one of the key reasons why there has been little sustained improvement of social and physical regeneration or improved public services which actually met the needs of local people: this was at the heart of the civil disturbances. Some of the problems Oldham faced were, e.g. the declining manufacturing industry and high levels of diseases compared to the rest of England.

The Oldham Partnership is the local strategic partnership (LSP) for Oldham and the mechanism for uniting Oldham’s strategic leaders around a shared and ambitious vision for a thriving town. The partnership is the key driver for multi-agency service delivery, recognising the need to share priorities and resources. LSP provide a coordinated framework for local public and private organisations and agencies to work together to address the issues which affect the local quality of life and to meet the needs of neighbourhoods. The vision of the Oldham Partnership is to make ‘Oldham - a place where everyone is proud to belong’ which is possible if we work together in partnership.

Therefore, a dedicated and talented team of community leaders grasped the nettle, driving forwards an ambitious programme of strategic change in Oldham by combining a culture of partnership working with clarity, ambition and effective management to improve the social and economic environment of local residents. The Oldham Partnership Executive includes representatives from the major public sector organisations in the borough as well as Oldham Sixth Form College, the Chamber of Commerce, the Learning & Skills Council, Voluntary Action Oldham, and JobCentre Plus. We have developed the Oldham Partnership Steering Group as the inclusive, policy-making forum of the LSP, which scrutinises the implementation of Oldham’s Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) and Local Area Agreement (LAA). The steering group looks at important decisions that need to be made about Oldham, gives its views and makes recommendations to the executive. The membership of the Steering Group reflects Oldham’s commitment to share leadership and decision-making with the local community. Over 70% of the members are representatives of the community, local voluntary sector, and elected members. This includes members of the public who are co-opted on to the Steering Group to represent their ward, neighbourhood and community, as well as the residents of the Borough as a whole.

What also makes this partnership so unique and exceptional is the inclusivity of decision making, transparency of process and the involvement of citizens and elected members in the design and management of services. Through the Community Strategy and Local Area Agreement, Oldham Partnership is driving change and improvement in Oldham by ‘Increasing life opportunities for all’ to make ‘Oldham - a place where everyone is proud to belong.’

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Award category: partnership working
Award type: award
Award year: 2009
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Sector: Regional policy and development, decentralisation
Type of activity: cooperation
Keywords: Local strategic partnership, sustainable development
Short English description: The Oldham Partnership is the local strategic partnership (LSP) for Oldham and the mechanism for uniting Oldham’s strategic leaders around a shared and ambitious vision for a thriving town
Further information
Organisation: Oldham Council
Other applicants: The partnership brings together organisations from Oldham’s public, private and voluntary and community sector. Over 100 organisations are linked to the partnership.
Level of government: local level
Size of organisation: >100
Number of people involved:
Country: United Kingdom
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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