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A day 'Never to forget' +Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania (MES)  +, Telecommunications company TEO LT  +, AB  +
A new deal for administrative leadership in the renewed flemish government administration +Representatives of the departments of Public Governance and Budget and Finances; Representatives of the cabinets of the Minister-President  +, The Minister for Public Governance and the Minister of Budget and Finances; Internal Audit of the Flemish Administration (IAFA); Court of Audit of Belgium  +, Finances Inspection; Representatives of other departments and agencies  +
Agora +Ministry of the French Community  +
Aida 2009 +134 administrative bodies in Tuscany (communities  +, Provinces and regions)  +
Best organisation (BEST) +WERT-impulse GmbH  +, Brunngasse 13  +, 2540 Bad Vöslau  +
Civic alcohol forum (CAF) +Derry Healthy Cities  +, PSNI  +, WHSSB  +,
Collaboration in Catalonia in the field of e-government +Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) & Catalan local administrations through Localret Consortium  +
Community alcohol partnership (CAP) +Cambridgeshire County Council Trading Standards Service  +
Conflicts between citizens and government: Towards a pro-aktive, solution-driven approach +Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences & Faculty of Law  +, University of Leuven  +, Belgium  +,
Cyprus price level monitoring project (PLMP) +Cyprus Competition and Consumer Protection Service (Ministry of Commerce  +, Industry and Tourism)  +
E-payment of taxes via finanzonline (Pay-Fon) +Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce  +
Easy-Energy actions and systems for mediterranean local communities +Municipality of Ancona - Lead partner (IT) Sviluppo Marche - SVIM (IT) Marche Region (IT) Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities and Towns - FAICT (IT)  +, Municipality of Sykies (GR)  +, Fundación Comunidad Valenciana Región Europea - FCVRE (ES) Municipality of Vila-Real (ES)  +,
Egosta (e-government stakeholder involvement) +University of Koblenz-Landau  +
Eurotowns network, the medium sized cities network +Medium Sized Cities in Eurotowns: Eskilstuna  +, Gδvle  +, Girona  +,
Fundaciòn comunidad valenciana regiòn European +Valencian Regional Government  +, Valencian Council of Chambers of Commerce  +, Valencian Federation of Saving Banks  +,
Haus des lebenslangen lernens, campus dreieich (House of lifelong learning) +Max-Eyth-Schule (vocational school)  +, Schule für Erwachsene (evening school for adults)  +, Kreisvolkshochschule (adult education institutes)  +,
ISAC-TERRASSE: A solution for local entities in Europe +Centre Easy  +, University of Girona  +
Judicial telematic notification programme +Ministry of Justice of the Government of Catalonia  +, Ministry of Justice of the Spanish State General  +, Council of the Judiciary Governing  +,
KiBiZ.WEB +Ruhrdigital Besitz-GmbH & Co. KG BMS Consulting GmbH  +
Klima: Aktive mobil +Austrian Energy Agency  +
Life-cycle cost model 'New construction of St. Poelten university of applied sciences' +St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences  +, Consortium of contractors  +
Local government network for international cooperation +Ayuntamiento de las Cabezas de San Juan  +
Midir - Multidimensional integrated risk governance +Regione Lazio  +
Monitores +Municipalities of: Bitti  +, Dorgali  +, Mamoiada  +,
Multi-annual project of the charter of European rural communities +Municipalities of: Bièvre (Belgium)  +, Markovo (Bulgaria)  +, Lefkara (Cyprus)  +,