Servizi INVOLO(INternet VOip LOcal services)

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Short description of the project

The project “Servizi IN_VOLO (INternet VOip e LOcal service)” is characterised by an out-and-out model of modernization and technological innovation in the Public Administration, referring to the CAF 2006 self-evaluation model. The produced innovation starts from the elimination of the digital-divide of the mountain areas, continues in the complete computerization of the administrative processes, until reaching the consequent supply of on-line services where the citizen/customer, the technicians, the enterprises and the associated municipalities become the heart of the strategies and the processes. Our main conviction is to manage the engagements, the knowledge, the development and the services by means of an adequate use of the new technologies. Therefore we have deeply modified our administration and the municipalities' administrations, with the adoption of strongly innovative computer science technologies, through web applications provided according to the Application Service Provider business model and the use of web services-oriented technologies. We have funded in the entire renewal of the information equipments, in the development of a wireless network infrastructure for eliminating the digital-divide and in the supply of strongly innovative services. A virtuous path, which led our little local reality to a recognized level of excellence. The constant monitoring of the results and the satisfaction survey of customer and municipalities, carried out by means of appropriate questionnaires, allow evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the project in depth, periodically recalibrating the strategies and the processes.

Current status and future steps for the project

The steps and activities described have been realized almost entirely. At this moment, we are consolidating the network infrastructures and the services, and evaluating further developments. Further developments of the project regard the fulfilment of the wireless cover of the territory, also using renewable energy source technologies, and the enlargement and the enhancement of the offer of services to citizens and public administrations.

Lessons learned

For little inland and mountains realities, the only suitable way for managing the great impulse toward modern technological innovation is to join in with strong partnership and to share purposes thus reducing implementation costs and time.

Award info
Award category: collaborative governance
Award type: submission
Award year: 2007
Project type
Sector: cross-sectoral
Type of activity: e-government
Keywords: ICT, mountain regions
Short English description: a common approach of marginalised local governments and companies to enter the digital world through a WLAN
Further information
Organisation: Comunita Montana del Catria e Nerone Zona D1
Other applicants:
Level of government: local level
Size of organisation:
Number of people involved:
Country: Italy
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
Start date: 2000/01/01
End date:

Servizi INVOLO(INternet VOip LOcal services) (43.546237° N, 12.648069° E)
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