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Award winners

ProjectsCountryOrganisationLevel of governmentSectorShort english description
The Compass of TransparencyItalyDepartment for Public Administration of ItalyNational levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformThe compass of transparency ( is an automated online instrument that gives citizens the possibility to monitor in real time the implementation of all data and information requirements imposed by Italian law on the websites of more than 20,000 Italian public administrations (PAs).

Award nominees

ProjectsCountryOrganisationLevel of governmentSectorShort english description
SignWiki Web and Mobile Access to Sign LanguagesIcelandCommunication Centre for the Deaf and Hard of HearingNational levelInformation society, technology, media and audiovisualSignWiki is a collaborative web and mobile platform which enables the collection, dissemination and analysis of sign language (SL) resources and knowledge via a dictionary and various materials for teaching and learning.
GreenEvo: Green Technology AcceleratorPolandMinistry of EnvironmentNational levelEnvironment, climate change, agriculture (incl. food safety) and fisheryGreenEvo: Green Technology Accelerator is an innovative project from the Ministry of Environment, with the task of promoting environmentally sound technologies and supporting the growth of this sector domestically and abroad. The project aims to support organisations pursuing the development of green technologies in navigating and promoting their unique solutions in international markets.
Towards a Paperless AdministrationSpainMinistry of Finance and Public Administration of SpainNational levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformAccording to the Law on Electronic Administration, Spanish citizens have the legal right to present any application to public administration, either face to face or using the electronic channel. An innovative suite of platforms has been developed: the offices interconnection system (called SIR), an Application for Face-to-Face Offices (called ORVE) and a Generic Electronic Office (called ACCEDA).
Risk-Based Trade Control System (TAREKS)TurkeyMinistry of Economy of Turkey, DG Product Safety and InspectionNational levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformSince inspecting 100% of goods at export and import stage resulted in a heavy burden on government and the private sector, the Ministry of Economy launched a tailor-made system ‘Risk-Based Trade Control System (TAREKS)’ designed to carry out quality and safety checks electronically and on a risk basis.

Honorary mentions and Best Practice Certificates

ProjectsCountryOrganisationLevel of governmentSectorShort english description
Austrian Business Service Portal (BSP)AustriaAustrian Federal Ministry of FinanceNational levelEconomic affairs, competition, SMEThe Business Service Portal (‘Unternehmensserviceportal’) is the flagship project of the Austrian Federal Government’s initiative to cut red tape. It is jointly coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) and the Federal Chancellery (BKA). The portal serves as a single entry point to Government for businesses. By offering information and transaction services it enables businesses to meet their reporting obligations to the authorities as simply and efficiently as possible.
EDM Environment AustriaAustriaFederal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management of AustriaNational levelEconomic affairs, competition, SMEEDM is a cloud-based e-Government tool developed by the Austrian Ministry of Life, in cooperation with the federal regions over a period of many years. It is one of the most extensive and complex e-Government tools in Europe and comprises a network of 22 applications with which reporting obligations (e.g. of emission data), applications for permits and verification requirements are processed uniformly in compliance with different environment-related laws.
Transforming Federal IT Services: Doing More with Less and Helping Others Do BetterGermanyFederal Office of Administration, BundesverwaltungsamtNational levelInformation society, technology, media and audiovisualThe Federal Office of Administration (Bundesverwaltungsamt, BVA) is one of the most important service providers for federal agencies in Germany. Since the 1990s, BVA faces the challenge of ‘doing more with less’. Its key to mastering this challenge consists of utilising and expanding its strong IT competencies – for the BVA, ‘Public Administration is IT’. It has shown what a huge contribution IT can make in difficult financial times.
NEDA PlatformGreeceComputer Technology Institute & PressNational levelcross-sectoralNEDA is designed to enhance existing knowledge, decision-making, workflow, and interaction of middle and senior managers. It is developed using modern web technologies allowing all stakeholders to access the business processes from anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Currently NEDA provides a multi-dimensional, cross-functional solution for project management, financial administration and knowledge management.
LibrodigitalIcelandThe Icelandic Talking Book LibraryNational levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformThe Icelandic Talking Book Library’s role is to make printed media accessible to people with print disabilities, such as the blind and people with dyslexia.
3000 Ambassadors for Road SafetyItalyAutomobile Club of Italy (ACI)National levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformA survey from the beginning of 2012 on road accidents in Italy showed that 13.5% of the foreign-born driving population (estimated at 2.7 million people) is involved in road accidents – the Egyptian, Peruvian and Albanian communities being those most affected. This led to an investigation of the reasons behind the statistics, and a study on what actions could be taken to curb the phenomenon, while also making an impact on the integration of foreign-born residents in the fabric of Italian society.
Nova BelgicaNetherlandsDutch Prison Service (DJI)National levelJustice, police, human rights and securityNova Belgica is the result of a unique cooperation between Belgium and the Netherlands, in which Dutch prison capacity is used to (temporarily) house Belgian prisoners. To put this cooperation into practice, a special treaty was drawn up between the two governments, followed by a formal cooperation agreement.
Multilingualism and New Technologies: Sharing Know-How with the Next GenerationPan-EuropeanEuropean Parliament, Directorate-General Interpretation and ConferencesEU institutionsPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformUnderpinning democratic debate in the European Parliament (EP) is a cutting-edge multilingual conference service that allows members to express themselves freely in any of the 24 official languages of the Union. As the lawmaking powers and stature of Parliament have grown steadily since the Treaty of Rome in 1957, so has the importance of delivering a competent, professional and flexible interpreting service, provided by the Directorate-General for Interpretation and Conferences (DG INTE).
Portugal Did IT: The National Public Procurement System – Developing and Implementing an e-Procurement SolutionPortugalESPap, Public Administration Shared Services Unit, IPNational levelcross-sectoralThe Portuguese Public Procurement reform of 2007 created a new paradigm in Portugal and affected all aspects of the system (legal, regulatory and economic). One of the most central and powerful elements of the reform was the adoption of e-Procurement, which led to impressive results in terms of savings, transparency and enhanced competition.
Partnership for Internal Audit in Local AdministrationRomaniaMinistry of Public Finance of Romania, Central Harmonisation Unit for Public Internal AuditNational levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformIn 2009-2010 a twinning project with partners from Austria and France was carried out to identify good practices regarding the association process of small public entities for assuring the internal audit function.
InterMediation Platform: Data Query and Verification Services and SCSPv3 PortfolioSpainMinistry of Finance and Public Administration of SpainNational levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformThe Mediation Platform has become the cornerstone of interoperability in the Spanish public administration, a key tool meant to facilitate citizens’ dealings with the public administration, saving about €51 million in 2012 (€40 million saved during 2011).
RISP Fuel PricesSpainMinistry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of SpainNational levelcross-sectoralRISP Fuel Prices is an Open Data initiative in the field of web 2.0 by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, which provides citizens with information on current fuel prices, allowing them to save money while refuelling.

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